Gloria rice variety
Gloria rice variety
Gloria rice variety
Gloria rice variety


Rice is not all the same!
There are several varieties, with particular, varying characteristics, that are selected over time with great attention. We are used to thinking about different qualities of tea, or grapes... and rice is just the same. Gloria is the perfect variety for making risotto.

This is why we have chosen the Gloria variety

For its substantial, robust grain

Based on the classification of rice, the Gloria* is a long A type rice: it has a length of more than 6.0 millimetres, and has a length/width ratio of more than 2 and less than 3. It has a long, semi-tapered grain, with a central, large internal pearl, known as pearling. This structure of the grain, in particular the internal, porous part, allows it to assimilate the flavour of the ingredients during cooking while remaining crunchy.

It has an excellent amylose content

Knowing the amylose content in rice means having important information about how it will behave during cooking and the crunchiness of the grain of rice. The higher the level of amylose, the more the rice is able to withstand overcooking, but an extremely high level of amylose does not allow the grain to free its creamy content.

The Gloria variety has an 18% amylose level, meaning it is perfect! So high enough to be able to ensure no overcooking, but limited enough to allow a natural creaming process. The result will be a light, tasty, creamy risotto.

Gloria’s natural properties can be enhanced by the type of processing used on the grain.

The Semi-wholegrain rice ensures excellent texture, the 2ⁿͩ degree stone-milled rice accentuates the ability of natural creaminess, the Wholegrain rice preserves its maximum nutritional properties and values.

Perfect for being “Residue Free”

When we began work on the “RESIDUO ZERO”, project, it was vital to choose a variety that was resistant to diseases and flattening that could help us in limiting the use of treatments as far as possible.

Gloria is instead a dwarf variety, does not grow excessively in height and it has a lower tendency
to flattening.

This characteristic also distinguishes it from infesting plants (for example from Crodo rice and Giavone) that
grow to a greater height, and thus allows a straight wire” treatment to be used.

The Gloria variety also guarantee a high yields and a low percentage of defective grains; it is characterised by an early cycle and a high production capacity.

* Founder of the variety: Lugano Leonardo Srl

Azienda Agricola Fiore Paola

Via Roma, 159
13010 Stroppiana (Vercelli) Italia
 +39 333 6279944